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The following campaigns are being considered:

  • Campaign for all private sector tenants to receive written tenancy agreements without unfair terms, this should be good practice for all landlords. Currently a written tenancy agreement is only required by law for fixed-term tenancies of greater than 3 years. For assured shorthold tenancies starting after 28/02/1997 a written statement of the main terms of the tenancy should be provided by landlords on request. Failure to do so without reasonable excuse can lead to a fine.
  • Health and Safety - a campaign to ensure all landlords have annual gas safety inspections carried out, periodic inspection reports every 5 years on electrical installations, annual electrical installation routine check reports, and periodic inspection and testing of any electrical appliances provided for tenants. In addition all upholstered furniture should comply with statutory fire resistance requirements. All larger, high risk, houses in multiple occupation should  be licenced by the Local Authority.
  • Campaign to ensure all tenants deposits are held by approved 3rd parties. Under the Tenancy Protection legislation introduced by the Housing Act 2004, landlords are required to protect the deposits for all assured shorthold tenancies that have been created since 6 April 2007 in a Government-approved scheme.For more information please visit:
  • Campaign to encourage landlords to provide Assured Tenancies or long (e.g. for at least 1 year), renewable fixed term Shorthold Tenancies including 'break clauses' for tenants. This will create greater stability and security for tenants and still provide reasonable protection for landlords. Also encourage landlords not to use Section 21 possession proceedings.
  • Raise awareness of tenants rights and obligations and landlords duties. Campaign for robust enforcement of tenants rights.
  • Highlight and campaign on the issue of empty dwellings. Many empty dwellings have the potential to be brought back into use as homes for renting.
  • Campaign to ensure that Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are provided to tenants free of charge in compliance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2007. Visit for further information, also
           If you are not given an EPC when you are entitled to it, you should contact the trading standards department
          of your local council. Trading standards officers have the power to issue a fixed penalty notice of £200 for domestic
          properties where an EPC is not provided.
  • Provide helpful information to tenants and landlords. A range of free standard tenancy documents is planned.
  • Campaign to ensure that rent books are be provided for tenancies were rent is paid weekly.
  • Lobby to change legislation that only allows tenants with shorthold tenancies starting on or after 28/02/1997 to refer their rent to a rent assessment committee within 6 months of the beginning of the original tenancy.

 Last updated 18th November 2010.